Like cars, homeownership is series of endless repairs.  Some repairs you can anticipate and others will surprise you.  This was a first for me: my mailbox toppled over.  My house was built in 1980 and quite possibly, this was the original post.  It was made of two hollow, steel tubs connected together.  Over the years, the joint where the tubs connected rusted, causing a weak spot and eventually separated and fell over like dead tree in a storm.  

I bought a new mailbox kit at Home Depot for $29.99.  It included the cedar post, a steel anchor and the mailbox mounting bracket.  Although the directions said a cement base wasn't necessary, I bought a bag of quick cure cement for $5.75 to ensure the new mailbox would stay grounded for many years to come.  This was a new, but quick and fun home project. 

  1. WD-40 and a wrench to remove the old box from the broken post.   
  2. Dig out old post. 
  3. Dig larger hole for new post and cement base. 
  4. Insert new post.  Attach old box to new post. 
  5. Level post horizontally and vertically.  
  6. Fill hole with dry cement mix. Add water.  Move to level again. 
  7. Dry and ready in 2-4 hours.