As we celebrate closing out 2017, I've spent some time reflecting on the past 12 months and predicting where we may go next year.  

2017 Real Estate Highlights: 

  1. Strong sellers market.  Tight inventory.
  2. Low interest rates.
  3. Grey paint sold more Austin homes than any other color. 

2018 Predictions:

  1. Buyers market: sellers must be willing to negotiate with buyers. 
  2. Sellers: you will get one chance to price your home.  Starting off too high will only increase days on market and chase price drops.
  3. From stage to sold.  Sellers: you must stand out.  There will be competition than 2017.  Buyers need to see fresh paint, floors and modern furniture.  
  4. Interest rates will rise.  
  5. Prices will hold steady.  No more huge leaps in appreciation. 
  6. The downtown Austin condo market will become saturated.